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"Baking Soda Blasting is the most effective, fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly way to strip almost any coating from any surface without damage to the underlying substrate."

"Environmentally safe, user friendly, cost effective - Baking Soda Blasting is the best method of surface restoration."

Remove Graffiti:

  • Preserve property values
  • Deter repeat offenders

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Automotive | Commercial/Industrial | Marine

Sensible Solutions

If you need to clean or remove coatings from inside or outside your facility, we have a solution designed for you. GCSB can provide the environmentally safe methods that more and more companies and public entities are demanding. If you are not familiar with Soda Blasting, rest assured that this is a time proven method of cleaning and coating removal, developed commercially over 20 years ago to restore the Statue of Liberty.

Property imageSoda Blasting does an excellent job of cleaning up concrete, brick, and stone surfaces, removing years of accumulated grime, returning the surface to a like new, fresh appearance. Soda Blasting is a great way to clean brick or to remove paint from brick, either on the interior or exterior, on homes or commercial buildings. We can remove smoke and soot damage from brick, concrete, block, wood, sheathing, etc. It also works exceptionally well in cleaning up mold damage. Remember too, that baking soda is a time-honored, natural deodorizer.

Best of all, it is a dry application and will not blow away mortar or chip away concrete like high-powered pressure washers.

We also clean or remove coatings from equipment, remove grease and oil stains from streets, driveways, and floors, and graffiti from just about everything. If you need street and parking line removal or other pavement marks removed, fire restoration, exterior building cleaning, swimming pool de-painting and cleaning, industrial cleaning including interiors of buildings, log or wood home finish removal and surface preparation, brick surfaces cleaned or paint removed, or almost anything else cleaned or a coating removed, call us today!

Graffiti Abatement Solution

We are your graffiti removal pros! Our specialty is removal by baking soda blasting, which is very fast and super effective on brick, stone, concrete, and even wood picket fences!

We also use professional grade, environmentally sensible chemical solutions (with a careful pressure wash rinse, if necessary). Different substrates require different solutions, and we know what is required for your particular application. We even have the ability to just repaint right over graffiti and will work hard to help you match the existing surface color.

There are very few companies that offer Soda Blasting as a graffiti removal alternative. This is due to the high capital cost of the equipment rather than it not being the best solution. On brick, concrete, stone and concrete block, we feel that Soda Blasting is absolutely the very best method. It is quick, effective, and avoids washing harsh, caustic, chemical paint removers onto the ground. Our equipment does not need a water source, is completely self-contained, and we can mobilize and perform our services in difficult to reach locations. 

As a courtesy to our clients, we always provide before and after digital pictures for a record of the graffiti removal.

We also offer more basic solutions which harness some of the very best, professional grade graffiti removal products on the market! We can even power wash when the situation warrents! If it is a painted stucco surface, our professional crews will work hard to match the existing paint as closely as possible and paint right over the ugly graffiti. We will do whatever it takes to solve your problems!

Fire Restoration - Removing heavy soot and oily smoke residue from warehouse structural members


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